Pollo / Chicken

Fajitas de Pollo

Deliciously seasoned chicken strips, sizzling onions and green peppers. Garnished with guacamole, sour cream and Pico de Gallo (No coleslaw)

Temple Tacos

Grilled chicken, melted jack cheese, sautéed onions & bell peppers. Served with black beans, avocado slices, rice & the chef’s special salsa verde.

Pollo En Mole

Boneless chicken with a unique and complex mole, sauce dark, mildly sweet, rich flavored sauce, a mix of traditional ingredients and spices.


Tender chicken or steak strips, sweet peppers, onions & mushrooms in a roasted tomato salsa. Topped with chorizo & jack cheese. Accompanied with rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole.

Pollo A La Crema

Sliced chicken, creamy Yucateca sauce, fresh mushrooms, onions & assorted vegetables.

Pollo A La Plancha

Charbroiled chicken, a special blend of achiote & herbs, charbroiled to perfection. Garnish with avocado slices and pico de gallo.

Carnes / Beef

Carne Asada

Seasoned lean skirt steak charbroiled to perfection. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo, grilled green onions and a roasted jalapeño pepper.

Fajita Salad

Fresh lettuce topped with thinly scaled marinated, charbroiled chicken breast, avocado, tomatoes, cheese & black olives. Jalapeño dressing on the side.

Asada Burrito

A large flour tortilla with tender charbroiled strips of steak, whole pinto beans guacamole & Pico de Gallo. Covered with salsa verde, cilantro & cotija cheese. Served with rice.

Vallarta Chimichanga

Deep fried flour tortilla filled with choice of fajita steak or chicken covered with a chipotle sauce, guacamole, tomato and cheese. Served with rice and beans.

Sunburned Fajitas

A hearty sampling of steak, chicken & shrimp, sizzling onions & green peppers. Garnished with guacamole, sour cream & Pico de Gallo.

Steak Ranchero

Juicy charbroiled strip steak (10 oz.) served with guacamole.

Cerdo / Pork

Chile Verde

Tender cubes of pork, simmered in a flavorful green tomato sauce. (No coleslaw)

Carnitas Jalisco

A most traditional dish. Roasted lean pork meat marinated in a medley of citrus juices and spices. Served with warm tortillas & pico de gallo.


Mariscos / Seafood

Enchiladas Alta Mar

Two enchiladas with your choice of seasoned crab or baby shrimp, covered with tomatillo sauce & melted jack cheese. Served with sour cream.

Playa Dorada

Fresh scallops, tender prawns, mushrooms & a tasty garlic butter sauce that will knock you off your feet.

Fish Tacos

Three soft tacos moistened in chipotle salsa, Topped with avocado slices, shredded lettuce & Cotija cheese. Served with rice & black beans.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo

GARLIC SHRIMP Large shrimp sautéed with onions, garlic butter and mushrooms. Served with rice, refried beans and tortillas.

River Run Fajitas

Tender marinated prawns served on a bed of sizzling green peppers and onions. Served with warm tortillas guacamole sour cream & Pico de Gallo.

Arroz con Camaron

Tender prawns sautéed in Salsa Morena, mushrooms, tomatoes & onions; served over a bed of rice & topped with mozzarella cheese (No coleslaw).

Vegetariano / Vegeterian

Poblano Chile Relleno

Traditional home-made poblano chile pepper, stuffed with mixed vegetables & deep fried in a light egg batter. Topped with red sauce & cheese. Served with rice and beans.

Veggie Burrito

Sautéed zucchini, onions, tomatoes, garlic wrapped in a wheat tortilla. Topped with salsa verde, green onions, mozzarella cheese & cilantro.

Veggie Chimichanga

Whole black beans & mozzarella cheese stuffed in a crisp flour tortilla. Topped with mild chipotle cream & garnished with guacamole & our special corn salsa. Served with rice & beans.

Enchiladas de Espinacas

Two soft corn tortillas stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, & chipotle cream sauce. Topped with fresh tomatillo sauce & mozzarella cheese. Served with rice & black beans.

Antojitos / Appetizers

Deep Fried Ice Cream

An amazing Mexican Delight!


Very popular Mexican treat! Pastry trips served piping hot, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Queso Blanco

Delicious blend of cheeses & mild spices melted and served with crispy corn chips.

Jalapeño Popper

Lightly battered jalapeño peppers, stuff with cream cheese, deep-fried to a golden brown (6).

Laguna Scampi

Large prawns, garlic & fresh mushrooms. Served with avocado & orange slices.

Super Nachos

Tortilla chips, beans, jalapeños & cheese. Choice of beef, chicken or picadillo. Garnished with green onions, tomatoes, sour cream & guacamole.

Fiesta Platter

Nachos, quesadilla, flautas, poppers, guacamole, sour cream & Pico de Gallo.


Rolled flour tortilla filled with tender chicken breast and cheese and then fried. Served with guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes & parmesan cheese.